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The Get Smart Women Table 8 Luncheon

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The Get Smart Women Table 8 Luncheon


Welcome to the Get Smart Women Table 8 Luncheon. We have had such an amazing experience meeting the most wonderful group of women who have come together to share their stories, their experiences and to get to know each other.

Let's continue to grow in 2022, making great connections both professional and personal.... Finding out more about ourselves and each other, building a community of like minded individuals. Welcome to a revolutionary idea in networking....

The Table 8 Luncheon is an opportunity to meet some amazing women and get to know them both personally and professionally.
We meet in groups of 8, which is facilitated by a facilitator, at which you will be asked a series of both personal and professional questions. These questions are designed to help build strong and lasting relationships, by allowing each of you to get to know each other better.

Come be part of a group that is focused on building a sisterhood of strong, beautiful, amazing, women.

For the time being this will be a virtual event. I have posted the link to Zoom on this event.

Okay so this is the deal, I need you to RSVP. Email me at That way I can send you updates. It's important that you RSVP so I know how many groups of eight we will have.

Okay girls, I'm so happy about this, I can't wait to see everyone's beautiful faces!

Get Smart Women Network
Get Smart Women Network
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