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Stark is a community where digital product designers, engineers, and managers gather to discuss all matters regarding accessibility, compliance, and ethical practices of inclusion.



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Implementing Landmarks in your software design

Online event

Join Claudio Luís Vera (Head of Strategy) and Tanguy Géréec (Senior Product Designer) for a webinar session on how you can use Landmarks to remove the guesswork from the designer-developer workflow, while helping end-users navigate your website without the frustration of tabbing through blocks of large or repeated content.

In this webinar, you will learn:
• What Landmarks are
• Who is responsible for ensuring they’re in place
• How to use Landmarks in Stark
• Communicating intent to engineers
• Testing your product once your designs are built

An ASL interpreter will be present/provided.

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Establishing your product's Focus Order

Online event

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