CANCELLED - March 2015 LAN - CSGO Tourney, League of Legends, Starcraft and more


Location image of event venue


BYOC - Online registration and payment is required unless other arrangements have been made. Visit the registration link below your activity.

9:30 - 10:30am - attendee setup and check-in

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Team Tournament

$30 entry fee per competitor
16 teams (of 5)
10:30 am - matches start
Register Here (

4 groups of 4, then 2 separate 8 team tournaments
Top 2 out of group move to Upper Division Tournament
Bottom 2 out of group move to Lower Division Tournament

Prize Pools
Upper Division - $675 - 300, 225, 150
Lower Division - $150 - 150

note: if looking for team, signup with team name "Draft Player" and skip payment step

*** CSGO Players looking for teams ***

Mike "R/T" Salzano
Distinguished Master Guardian
Open league experience

Robert "Korben Dallas" Sale
Master Guardian 2
Open league experience

Keanu "RiPZEE" Huwatscheck
Master Guardian Elite

Robert Dahut
Legendary Eagle
Open experience

League of Legends - 5v5 Draft Tournament

$20 entry fee per competitor
20 competitors - mostly balanced teams will be created, indicate "draft buddies" during registration
10:30 am - matches start
Register Here (

LCS broadcast will be up on screen around 2:30pm, likely in the same space as the tournament is being held as there is a projector and screen available for our use there.

StarCraft II - community meet up and casual matches

$20 entry fee
Register Here (

Spectator entry is free including those who want to come and hang out while watching LCS!


National Collegiate e-Sports Assocation (

Competitor Limits: this venue, used for the last 2 events, has limited power forcing us to limit the number of competitors (no limit on spectators). At the moment the lowest limit would be 110 but we can likely get to more than that by managing power routing carefully, but it is time consuming to do so. If we work out a solution to that at this venue or find another venue in time for this event, the team and competitor sizes can be increased. A search is on for other venues in the area for next month's event. A less expensive space would also allow for larger prize pools.

Food: Snacks, soda and coffee are available for purchase. Ice water available for free. Lunch will be available around 1pm, likely giant sub from Subway and a Chipotle run, about $5 and $9 respectively (chipotle catering expensive so ruled out). Pizza will be available around 6pm for $2 a slice or $5 for two plus soda.

Alcohol, etc: without bringing in an abc licensed caterer no alcohol is allowed on the premises. Anyone found breaking these rules will have to leave for the rest of the event. This also goes for other consumables that people may incorrectly think would be a good idea to bring into building.

Smoking/vaping: Smoking is only allowed at the rear of the building at a designated area. There will be nicorette available for those who would like to give that a try at the event. Vaping and e-cigarettes are allowed in the event space but "smoke" should be kept at a low level.

Conduct: The goal of this group and these events is to bring people together who would otherwise only play online and give them a positive environment in which to meet and compete. For this reason we ask that cursing and trash talk be kept to a minimum. Comments that are racist, misogynistic or homophobic in nature may result in a competitor having to leave the event.

Streaming: Megaman will be casting the CSGO tournament again. Others are welcome to stream as there is plenty of bandwidth available.