September 2015 LAN - CSGO/Dota2 Draft Tourneys, LoL Meetup and BYOC Spots

This is a past event

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Registration is now open. Register at one of the following links. Online payment is required for tournaments

CSGO - 40 player Draft Tournament
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Dota2 - 20 player Draft Tournament
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BYOC - 15 LAN Spots
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Delayed Payments or Donations (

Entry fee:
$20 tournament
$10 general BYOC
$0 spectators (registration needed)


BYOC: bring your own tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, pad, ethernet cable (if possible), etc

CSGO/Dota Draft Tournaments: Balanced team tournaments for CSGO and Dota capped at 40 and 20 players respectively. Provide your rank/mmr and the name of a buddy you would like to group with. Balanced teams will then be created from this information.

League of Legends: current room we use can't support 3 tournaments (power limitation) but league players are welcome to sign up for byoc spots and play together throughout the day

Food: Lunch (sandwiches), dinner (pizza) and snacks will be available for purchase. Lunch and dinner can be prepaid on registration form.

9:00 AM - event setup
10:00 AM - venue opens for attendees
11:00 AM - final check-in for tournaments
1:00 PM - latest possible start for tournaments
9:00 PM - event close


Streaming: There is plenty of bandwidth so streaming is welcome

Conduct: The goal of this group and these events is to bring people together and give them a positive environment in which to meet and compete. For this reason we ask that cursing, trash talk and other negativity in general be kept to a minimum.

Alcohol, etc: without bringing in an abc licensed caterer no alcohol is allowed on the premises

Smoking/vaping: Smoking is only allowed at the rear of the building at a designated area. Vaping/e-cigs are allowed in the event space but "smoke" should be kept to a minimum