January 2016 LAN - LoL, CSGO and more

This is a past event

83 people went


Stream Theater: League of Legends LAN Tournament

LoL Stream: http://twitch.tv/dcaesc_lol

CSGO Brackets:

CSGO Stream: http://twitch.tv/dcaesc


- 8 Team League of Legends Tournament (non-byoc option)
- 40 Player CSGO Balanced Team Tournament (byoc)
- 20 additional LAN seats (byoc)
(dota tourney cancelled due to lack of interest from teams)
* these limits could increase depending on registration rates


Registration Form (late fee after Monday Jan 25th) (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/january-2016-lan-registration/)

Payment Form (for those who didn't pay successfully during registration) (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/online-payment/)

Need a Team or Player for LoL or Dota Tournament? (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/reports/need-team-january-2015-lan/)

View Registrants (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/reports/january-2016-lan-registrants/)

Teams must have 3 paid registrants to reserve their spot. If they don't and the cap is reached then your team will be added to wait list. Individuals not participating in one of the tournaments must also register to reserve a LAN seat to avoid being left out if we reach capacity at the venue.

Everyone setting up a computer or console at the event must pay the venue/lan fee listed below. Addition "buy-in" fees are required for tournaments which go completely to prizing. The venue is not free and there has been confusion about where entry fees go so in an effort to be more clear about this we have broken the entry fee into venue/lan fee and tournament buy-in fee.


Spectators are free and are welcome to play on any free-play stations like WiiU, Gamecube, Ping Pong, VR, etc

Venue/LAN fee per player
- everyone setting up at LAN must pay this fee
$10 early bird registration, (through Sun 1/3/2016)
$15 regular registration, (Mon 1/4/2016 to Sun 1/24/2016)
$20 late registration, (Mon 1/25/2016 to event)

Team Tournament Buy-In - League and Dota
$15 per person (100% going to prize pool)
- payout breakdown
3-4 teams - 1st 100%
5-8 teams - 1st 66%, 2nd 33%
9-12 teams - 1st 55%, 2nd 30%, 15%
- riot will be supplying additional lol prizes for 8+ teams

Balanced Tournament Buy-In - CSGO
$5 per person (100% going to prizes and giveaways)
- signup solo or with a buddy and we make balanced teams based on rank
- small prizes for winning team, to be decided based on turn out and sponsorship

RSVP on meetup please but participants will also need to register once registration opens

10 AM - final event setup by staff
11 AM - doors open to attendees, team check-in and setup start
12 PM - teams should be setup and matches begin as soon as possible

If you have any questions or feedback please post in the comments below



GEX Con / eSportsHQ
Gaming & Entertainment eXperience
July 2016 - Fredricksburg, VA
www.esportshq.com (https://www.esportshq.com/)

Sunshine Rehab Physical Therapy
Baltimore area physical therapy group
www.sunshinerehabmd.com (http://www.sunshinerehabmd.com/)

t-shirt purchase with promocode "DCAESC" sends $10 back to the group
www.tees4gamers.com (http://www.tees4gamers.com/)

Donations and Sponsorship (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/donations-and-sponsorship/)
Prize pool donations and sponsorship can be submitted here. Contact the group admin with any questions or to discuss specific requests.


BYOC: bring your own tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, pad, ethernet cable (if possible), etc

Food: Lunch (sandwiches), dinner (pizza) and snacks will be available for purchase. Lunch and dinner can be prepaid on registration form.

Streaming: There is plenty of bandwidth so streaming is welcome

Conduct: The goal of this group and these events is to bring people together and give them a positive environment in which to meet and compete. For this reason we ask that cursing, trash talk and other negativity in general be kept to a minimum. No physical threats will be tolerated nor harassment of female attendees online or off. Be respectful of others even if they are teammates that yell out to the other team that you are behind them and about to back stab to attempt to clutch a round in the grand finals match that has gone into its 5+ overtimes and just won't end. Yes, even then dopey

Alcohol, etc: without bringing in an abc licensed caterer no alcohol is allowed on the premises

Smoking/vaping: Smoking is only allowed at the rear of the building at a designated area. Vaping/e-cigs are allowed in space but no fog machines