Nov 2016 BYOC Draft LAN - CSGO, LoL, Dota2, Overwatch

This is a past event

70 people went


Registration is LIVE! (

Registrants List (

Toys for Tots - We will be accepting toy and monetary donations to be delivered to the charity

We will hold balanced team tournaments/matches for the following games.

Max player spots per game:
30 - Counter-Strike Global Offensive
10 - League of Legends
10 - Dota 2
18 - Overwatch PC
+ 1 sub per game

If we reach capacity for this event then the next event will expand a bit in size.

To participate in the event you will register for your game of choice (meetup rsvp is not sufficient), provide your rank and then balanced teams will be created when capacity is reached. We may use a captain system where the highest ranked players choose their teams but that is still up for debate and may not happen until a future event.

This will be a BYOC event so bring everything you need to play (computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, ethernet cable if available, etc).

Price will be $20 per person for entry and $6 if you want dinner (pizza+drink).


1pm - Doors open, setup your computers, meet other player
2pm - Tournaments start by at least this time
6pm - Break in tournament for dinner
11pm - Tournament wrap up and cleanup (unless 6 overtimes then we will go until 3am)

(Note: As of now CSGO is the only game with a draft tournament due to full registration. Without at least 3 complete teams for a game we won't do an official tournament but will play custom games and/or run tournaments with smaller teams)

Spectators can come by and hang out for free but a small donation would be appreciated.

Venue is not allowing outside food any longer so when we have a break for dinner you can either eat the provided food or head out and eat outside the venue.

For those that have attended our events in the past, the short term goal here is to get back to a monthly schedule for the 4 primary games listed above, hold competitive tournaments for each every 3 months or so and mix in some secondary games (Rocket League I'm looking at you) then evaluate games to be included a few times a year. The medium term goal is to formalize the club and setup a membership structure of sorts while we look for a long term space to lease.

Once registration goes live for this event the December event will be announced as well which will include an 8+ team CSGO tournament as well as balanced tournaments for the other primary games. Most likely January would then be a LoL/Dota tournament month with balanced tournaments for the other 2 games, etc. The general idea will be to announce events 3 months in advance.

Registration is LIVE! (

Registrants List (