Haunted Downtown Churches

The Montreal Ghost Tracking Meetup Group
The Montreal Ghost Tracking Meetup Group
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Greetings !

I am a Clairvoyant Medium and a Paranormal Investigator.

Yes, I talk to dead people. Both ghosts stuck on Earth, and our departed loved ones in heaven.

We will be headed to a couple of churches in Downtown Montreal, that have many stories of spirit/ghost activity said about them.

We have been to both locations many times before, and they have very different energies from each other. You will get to experience this yourself!

At one of the churches we will be visiting, a ghost decided to shut down the video I was recording when I talked to the spirit. Everytime we've gone to that location, that same ghost showed up in the same spot of the church. I'll take you there.

At that same church, a ghost touched one of our members, pulling on his arm. Seems like the ghost decided it was time for us to go! LOL

One time when we went to the other church location, a Roman Catholic Cardinal buried there decided to speak to me, as well as other spirits.

Bring your cameras and/or video equipment, audio recorders, or even just your cellphone to shoot pics + video + audio. You can download a simple audio recorder app, to capture possible EVPs. Electronic Voice Phenomena. Voices from the Other Side.

You're also welcome to bring along any ghost hunting gadgets/equipment you may have!

Come join us to learn/practice both paranormal investigation and mediumship techniques. I will be your guide for both and your questions are welcome. :)


I will ONLY email the exact Meetup location to the people who RSVP YES for this event.


Meetup contribution for this event:
$10.00 (CASH only).

Please have exact change. Thank you!


Your Pararnormal Guide,

Aurora :)

N.B. If any person or organization wishes to use any of my research or results of my paranormal investigations at these two locations or any other public or private event or investigation I host or hosted, you must contact me to ask for my express PERMISSION to use my material in any commercial or non-commercial way:
Aurora North