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HIGH SCHOOL Discussion/Support Group for Underachieving Teens
If you are interested in a face-to-face discussion group with other high school students who--like YOU--are smart but perhaps not teacher-pleasers, or have trouble remembering what teachers said, or are somewhat right-brained, imaginative or creative, or have trouble with homework, are thought of as "weird" (like Leonardo di Vinci, Einstein, and Lady GaGa were), or whatever, you will like this group. I'm a retired teacher who misses having students. I'll get our discussions started, then listen. You can discuss your ideas and/or listen to other students who may be like you in a lot of ways. This group may at times be academic, social, philosophical, peer supportive, hysterically funny, or a combination. All positive! Critical thinking! Creative Problem Solving! No whining, but a little complaining is OK. It's all good! These monthly meetings on the 1st Sunday of every month are sponsored by the CHADD (Children/Adults with ADD/ADHD) of Northern Virginia organization. Consequently, some of the attendees will have ADD/ADHD as well as being very intelligent. CHADD support groups are FREE and open to HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS To RSVP to this meetup, see the BrainRelief website at, or call[masked]

George Mason Enterprise Center

4031 University Drive · Fairfax, VA

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All G/T kids need to meet, chat with, and play stimulating educational games with their peers. Underachieving gifted kids may have AD/HD, Learning Disabilities or Other Health Impairments, Depression, OCD or OD, or have trouble making friends. They may hate to read or write. They're also creative, have great imaginations, are funny, and super-sensitive. They have high potential, but haven't met it recently. They tend to be visual, right-brained learners. BRAINRELIEF, LLC holds workshops or support groups for a fee. Workshops are scheduled on Saturdays beginning in January, 2010 for both middle school and high school students. For dates and times, check the Meetup calendar for this site. Make a reservation for your teen or get additional information by: emailing: calling: 703-641-8940 BRAINRELIEF's Academic/Life Coach Anne S. Roberts, MA, is an experienced high school Special Education teacher for Gifted Teens. She was also an English/Language Arts teacher at several FCPS high schools, most recently at TJHSST. She herself has AD/HD and is visual and right-brained. LINKL: FCAG [Fairfax County Association for the Gifted]

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