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What we’re about

This group is for women who are seeking true and genuine friendships.
Most meet-ups are in South Bay (Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach) but from time to time we venture out to places around Los Angeles, CA.
Being active in this group will make it more entertaining for you as well as the other members. If you have any suggestions for a meet up, or would like to host your own event for our group, send me a DM.
In order for your membership in the group to be approved please use a profile picture of just yourself (we want to be able to recognize you when we see you at meet-ups!) and use your real name (no 'screen names' or 'user names').

I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces soon. I just want to say I know how hard it to show up to a Meetup group for the first time not knowing anyone. Trust me, we have all done it. Please message me if you want to come but are scared or nervous. I will look out for you and introduce you to people. You'll be glad you showed up. I always am.

Your Friend,