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Howdy All!

I would like to revise compass to include all members, married and single. Compass is about relationships and I would like to learn from all of our members.

COMPASS meets on the 4th Tuesday of every Month.

New! COMPASS 2014

We started a series on Brené Brown's The Power of Vulnerability. The course overview is listed below. Brené Brown is a sociologist, she studies people. She presents her information from a practical level, She claims no affiliation with a religion in her talks.(One participant was concerned that she is not Biblical.) I find that much of what she says from a research background supports what we are learning in our spiritual pursuits. If you don't know her, please look her up on TED. Each session can stand alone, feel free to join us. We have a nice turn out, some lively discussions and great food!

Each session has up to 9 videos lasting 10 or more minutes. My intention is to up to 30 minutes of videos each 4th Tuesday. After each video we will discuss the questions that come with the course. There will be time to move around.

Knowing that we are a chatty bunch, we have flexibility. It may take up to 18 weeks to watch all the videos. So join new friends for some warmth and love during the chilly season. The sessions are moving faster and smoother than I anticipated. I think the sessions will be complete by the end of July, maybe sooner.

Bring friends! Bring food to share. No alcohol please. And come when you can. If you miss a date, no worries.

Sample: Live Session with Brené Brown Video: 1 hour Watch Now Download MP4 (

Course Overview

Session 1 : Why We Struggle Completed

Today we live in a culture of scarcity; a culture of "never enough." This scarcity culture of "never enough" teaches us that we can never have enough success, money, beauty, or power to be safe. The greatest casualties of a scarcity culture are our willingness to own our vulnerabilities and our ability to engage with the world from a place of worthiness.In this first session, Dr. Brown reveals the findings of her extensive research on this question of vulnerability, examining how our culture transmits these messages to us through our sense of shame—and what we can do to change.

Session 2 : Shame Triggers (In Process)

When we feel guilt, we know we've done something wrong. But when we feel shame, that's the sense that we are somehow wrong. This key difference is why guilt is a learning tool, while shame always keeps us feeling small and unworthy. In this session, Dr. Brown shares the essential insights she gained from studying shame in men and women, and shows us how we can cultivate the crucial practice of shame resilience.

Session 3 : Empathy and Vulnerability

We think of vulnerability as a weakness, yet Dr. Brown's research has shown that the most courageous, creative, authentic, and resilient people are the ones who embrace their vulnerability. In this session, Brené examines the four big myths about vulnerability in our culture, and shows how the practice of empathy can help us open up the places inside us that we might have shut down.

Session 4 : The Vulnerability Armory

In our effort to protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable, we shield ourselves off from experiences that can lead to disappointment and heartbreak. Unfortunately, those shields also prevent us from fully experiencing the joys and gifts in life. In this session, Dr. Brown examines the main strategies we use to protect ourselves from feeling exposed—including numbing and perfectionism—to help us learn where we can focus our efforts to change and become more open.

Session 5 : Guideposts to Wholehearted Living (Part 1)

"Wholeheartedness" is the term that Dr. Brown coined to describe people who have embraced their vulnerability as a strength instead of a weakness. During her research, she examined thousands of pieces of data to find out what these wholehearted people have in common. In this session, Brené outlines the first six of these ten qualities of wholehearted living that can serve as guideposts on our own journey.

Session 6 : Guideposts to Wholehearted Living (Part 2)

Dr. Brown continues her examination of the last four guideposts to wholehearted living, detailing how each of these relates to a specific vulnerability challenge to overcome. From guidance for finding meaningful work to infusing a greater sense of creativity and play into your life, she offers practical tools to help move towards living the full and rich life that is available to us. She also offers a live Q&A session this week, during which you can submit your questions for her to answer. Live Session with Brené Brown