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    Hello! I am a divorcee! I enjoy getting out and socializing when I don't have my kiddos! I have lived in Western Colorado since I was 6 and love it here! I can't imagine living anywhere else! I look forward to meeting all of you :-)
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    Hi all: I am Sandy. Smile and the world smiles with you...Pay it forward :-)
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    Hello, I have been living in Grand Junction for about 35 years, originally from PA. I am a teacher and do not meet many people through work so am looking forward to connecting with people my own age who have similar interests.
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    Hi, I'm Jody. I heard about this group and it sounded like a lot of fun. I enjoy meeting people,getting out a lot, trying new things and enjoying the out of doors. I'm a substitute teacher so the summer is almost upon us... Yippee!!
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    I love finding new friends and characters throughout my life! Everyone has something I can learn from, a perception or an experience.
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    I am Angelia Rubalcaba. I like to laugh and have FUN! See my profile pic? I was raised in Grand Junction, CO. I have a strong faith. My family is extremely important. I work for 3 different employers. I built my home. I love life right now.
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    I am a sincere lady looking to have fun.
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    I'm Earl lived in GJ for life. If need to contact. TEXT (970) 683 0560 answer when can.
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    Hi my name is Kaycee..I've been to one of your gathering, and I'm looking forward to many more..
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    Howdy, I'm originally from KY and just moved here a few years ago. I love the area! 502.533.1777
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    Hi Lived in Colorado over 20 years. It is a beautiful state and this area is amazing. Growing up in a small town in Wis. I really like the small town feel and friendliness GJ has while having everything you need with out the big city hassels.