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Distributed Clouds: Innovation for Modern Applications

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Distributed Clouds: Innovation for Modern Applications


More & more businesses are going cloud-native, but the prevailing centralized public cloud is not designed for many modern applications. These apps need a cloud that resides near the end user to ensure maximum performance. Join our exciting webinar & learn how Ridge (a 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendor™) powers application owners by providing a cloud in the location they need.

Our webinar will provide you with a hands-on demonstration of:

  • Deploying in any location, based on where you have end-users
  • Use cases with turbo-charged application performance
  • Hybrid clouds that empower multi-facility industrial coordination
  • Large IT providers that use Ridge to extend their cloud to new customers

About Ridge
Ridge converts any underlying infrastructure in any location — public or private — into a cloud-native platform. Because it leverages existing infrastructure, Ridge requires zero installation or CAPEX. Businesses get a cloud to match specific throughput, locality, and commercial requirements.

Global Distributed Cloud Group
Global Distributed Cloud Group
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