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Many people have told me I am powerful in manifesting my desires and I would have to agree. I have coached hundreds of women across the United States. I went from a working single mom counting pennies for happy meals to creating such an abundant life beyond my imagination using mastermind principles, and personal and business development. I truly believe that joy can be a daily experience/feeling for everyone.
When one gets really clear with their heart and soul's desires it can be quite simple and powerful to create and attract.

The Group meets once a month for 1.5 hours. $95/month (3-month minimum). Small groups. We have different groups starting at different times so ping me for times that work for you. 512-744-8503.

1. you will get clear of what your soul's calling is, your passion, and the things that make you feel alive.
2. You will have an organized plan of how to manifest this.
3. You will be in a group with other like-minded women.
4. You will be given true and tried systems that assist you in getting clarity and unstock or propel you to move forward from where you are in life now.
If you are interested in a one-on-one - I am also available. I have had such wisdom and experience over the years and have propelled others in their dreams and goals.

What others are saying:
Lisa Marie is such a powerful manifester, she has helped me get such clarity over the past 7 years with my business, resulting in growth and success beyond my imagination. I am truly happy doing what I love to do. She also has worked with my children in various ways - who are now grown up - transformational.

Lisa Marie helped me manifest my husband (wink). Her mastermind groups were beyond powerful and we tapped into power beyond our beliefs. I now have 2 children and am living the life I want and deserve.

OMGoodness, not only did we mastermind, Lisa Marie assisted me with all these tools and skills to get unstuck. I had such total clarity after working with Lisa Marie that I retired early. I am living on a boat/Traveling and having the time of my life.
If you are stuck, unclear, or even know what you want and need support in manifesting your soul's desire, this group is for you!
We will be using effective tools and mastermind principles. When the combined energy of two or more women comes together in order to tap into the creative genius, wisdom, and power we all have within, miracles happen.
We will meet regularly in an atmosphere of trust and harmony—and to believe for each other things which each, alone, may find difficult to conceive and believe for herself.
We have different groups starting at different times so ping me for some times that work for you. 512-744-8503

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