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Monthly Diner - Korean BBQ

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Gogigui literally "meat + roasting" or Korean barbecue, it refers to the Korean ( method of grilling ( beef (, pork (, chicken (, or other types of meat. Such dishes are prepared at the diner's table by the diners themselves on gas or charcoal grills that are built into the center of the table.

The most representative form of gogigui is bulgogi (, usually made from thinly sliced beef sirloin ( or tenderloin ( Another popular form of it is marinated beef short ribs (

Korean barbecue ( is not only popular among Korean consumers but has gained popularity internationally.

The BBQ also comes with various side dishes, a popular way of eating Korean barbecue is to wrap the meat with lettuce and add condiments.

The restaurant is located near Crossroads mall, has an impressive number of roomy booths with built-in gas grill on every table. The restaurant is rather sleek and quite large, with a big parking lot.

The All-you-can-eat BBQ is $16.99 per person.

For those who work/live in Downtown Seattle/Capitol Hill and nearby areas, carpooling might be a good idea.