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We're looking forward to celebrating reiki and community with you! (smile) The reiki shares have taken on a life of their own - we've enjoyed spontaneous movement experiments, singing, meditative and laughing exercises, and occasional speakers...each meeting is unique, and wonderful. Every time, regardless, the main focus is reiki, reiki, reiki - woohoo! (laughter)

The glorious gaggle is open to everyone, from seasoned practitioners to the reiki curious. (twinkle)

When we meet at the share, we'll have time to enjoy some breathwork and grounding, introduce ourselves, and leap playfully into the sacred reiki river. Everyone will enjoy time on the table in mini-reiki sessions, with many reikipaws on the body at once over the course of the three-hour share. We encourage you to bring a water bottle, and your playful spirit!

Our Agreement: After some years of experience with reiki shares, and feedback from reiki community, we've created the following agreement of the heart. Its spirit encompasses and honors some of the gifts of reiki shares: to welcome new community members, to keep the practice of reiki alive and vibrant in all our lives, and to experience deeply beautiful arts of giving, and receiving. With these ground rules, we are committing to each other, reiki, and healing. In-joy!

1. Being Timely. Doors will be open 15 minutes before the reiki share begins - this is a great time to come in, socialize, get your cup of tea, settle your belongings, and start feeling grounded in our healing space. We'll begin promptly at our agreed start time, and move through the experience as a group. We won't be opening doors after the start of the event, which helps us create and maintain sacred space. Friends, please allow enough time to arrive on time - we all honor each other by beginning our journey together.

2. Staying for the entire share. So that we all have the opportunity to enjoy the magic of many hands flowing reiki at the same time, let's agree to stay for the entire three hours of the share. We've seen it happen that the first reiki recipient gets fourteen hands on the body, and the last reiki recipient, who offered reiki for everyone else, gets two hands. All reiki is lovely and amazing, and the idea here is to share...receive with gladness in your heart, and share that back with the community who holds you.

3. Holding sacred space. Reiki shares can be lively, with laughter and fun, or quiet, with meditation and stillness. There is room for all of these things, and the request is that we all maintain sacred space together, honoring the spirit of healing arts, and why we come together. This means that we keep our conversation on topic, reserving social chat for after the share. Additionally, there is space for folks who need to take a moment or two to ground or be with their experience, but let's please avoid folks splitting off from community to have long conversations together, or leaving the room for extended periods of time. Amazing things happen when we walk the share together as a group - we are more able to maintain harmony, and a sacred experience.

4. Honoring safe touch. To respect our reiki family, please always practice safe touch - no touching of breasts, genitals or buttocks. Please remember to check in with the person on the table for specific requests for their healing...hooray for getting exactly what we want! (twinkle)

5. Showing up healthy. We have some regular attendees at the shares that are working on strengthening their immune systems in various ways, and holding a space that honors that journey is really important. If you feel you're coming down with something, have a contagious illness, or are getting over something, please honor the group by choosing to attend the next month's reiki share. For someone dealing with AIDS or cancer, your kindness by not exposing others to colds and flus can literally mean the difference between life and death. Thanks for being mindful, friends. (smile)

6. Asking for what we want. What a great way to honor our throat chakras! (twinkle) Please ask for what you need during your time on the table - maybe attention to a specific body part, or support for a particular part of your earthwalk at this time. We're here to hold each other in community, and it's a pleasure to get to provide needed medicine. Specificity helps!

7. Practicing lovingkindness. There is an invitation for us to practice mindful speech to and about each other, during the share, after the share, online, and in our circles. All of our medicines are beautiful, and lovingkindness benefits us all.

Each of the above agreements are crafted so that we each have a smooth experience of honoring each other and reiki - thanks very much for showing up. (smile)

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Meanwhile, many thanks to each of you. We look forward to connecting soon - come play!

Happy Healing!
Anna & the Vibrant Reiki Staff