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Gnosis is the study of the human being and the universe that surrounds him/her. The Association for Gnostic Studies provides classes studying themes of an esoteric and psychological nature. We teach and provide instructions in the practices of meditation, self observation, the experiential study of dreams and more, with the purpose of each person being able to develop their own self-knowledge ("Gnosis").

This is facilitated though weekly classes consisting of a lecture and meditation, and also through one day or weekend Spiritual Retreats for those interested in a more in depth study. (National and international retreats are regularly available for advanced classes.) These retreats are not a requirement to being able to participate in weekly classes but are an option to allow the student to further develop their personal practice.

The Association for Gnostic Studies is part of the Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor worldwide and has associations in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the US. The association is run by volunteers. (

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