FCIP March Meetup: Beyond the Browser - Web Technologies & Arduino


When someone talks about their recent Arduino project, usually this conjures up images of blinking lights and robots the size of your hand. But what if you could literally run your business on this technology?

Join us on Tuesday, March 17, as Kevin Sholander talks about doing just that. He'll share how he's been using HTML, CSS, JS, and Canvas as part of an overall control system to monitor and control puzzles, video, and the environment in The Markey Escape Rooms.

Complimentary drinks and appetizers will be served at 5:45pm. The presentation will start at 6:00pm with Q&A to follow. RSVP today!

Kevin Sholander is an experienced web and software developer, including 20+ years as a computer engineer specializing in processor and graphic accelerator hardware design. These days he splits his time between website development at CodeGeek and running The Markey Escape Rooms with his family. Learn more about The Markey at: https://themarkey.com/

Image credit: https://www.cnx-software.com/2019/11/13/moving-your-arduino-project-to-a-final-product-8-useful-tips/