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FCIP Meetup - A Picture's Worth: Detecting Digital Modifications - Neal Krawetz

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Presenter: Dr. Neal Krawetz of (

About the talk:
I've been asked to present at a local University to a bunch of Computer
Science EE grad students. I thought, "What a wonderful opportunity to
corrupt young minds!" So this is my practice run in front of a live
studio audience. :-) I'm expecting chatter, harassment, hard questions,
and Bill Tucker with beer (he's a combination and wild-card). Feedback
is welcome!

"A Picture's Worth: Detecting Digital Modifications"
Digital cameras and video software have made it easier than ever to create
high quality pictures and movies. Services such as Facebook, Google Video,
and Flickr make it trivial to distribute pictures, and many are picked up
by the mass media. However, there is a problem: how can you tell if a
picture is showing something real? Is it computer generated or modified?
In a world where pictures are more influencial than words, being able to
distinguish fact from fiction in a systematic way becomes essential. This
talk covers some common and not-so-common forensic methods for extracting
information from digital images. You will not only be able to distinguish
real images from computer generated ones, but also identify how they were

I've you've heard Neal talk before, I know you'll be here. And if you haven't heard Neal talk, don't miss this! He has one more interesting jobs of anyone I've ever met. Most of what he does he can't talk about, so when he can share some things its always VERY interesting. Don't miss this talk, RSVP today.

- Ron