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JavaScript: Restoring the Sanity with AMD - FCIP February Meetup

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JavaScript - Restoring the Sanity with Asynchronous Module Definitions
Presenter: Bryan Dragon

With the growing popularity of server-side JavaScript programming, increasingly capable browsers, and new libraries being spawned daily, JavaScript is enjoying the spotlight. Nevertheless, the language still grapples with its limitations.
In this talk we will look at some of the challenges inherent in building client-side JavaScript apps and introduce some techniques for managing those challenges. We will walk through the evolution of a sample Backbone app, first built the "old-school" way, then refactored into a modular application using Asynchronous Module Definitions. We will look at the CommonJS module spec, briefly touching on Node, and then dive into client-side implementations, namely require.js. Time permitting, we may also look at the same app ported to CoffeeScript and managed with CoffeeToaster.
Keywords: JavaScript, Node, Backbone, CommonJS, AMD, require.js

Appetizers will be provided thanks to our wonderful sponsor and local software company DataSplice.
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