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Being a woman is a gift in itself. Accessing and possessing your unique feminine essence is an ART. An ART that every woman has inherent in her to own, radiate and exude. Embodying your feminine fabulous and potency are part of the mystery we call Woman.

Our Meetup Group is created for women to connect and come together to celebrate and own her unique magic, prowess and sensuality.

A woman’s personal presence and magnetism expand when she connects with her feminine essence. The deeper her connection, the more soulfulfillment she experiences in her daily life. She embodies her love. She strides in being Self-Possessed, in Presence and on Purpose.

In today's busy world and in a desire to be strong and independent, many women have shut themselves off from their rich inner life and intuitive power. They have been driven in ways that downplay their intrinsic knowing, their sensuality, and their feminine energy that not only makes their lives more pleasurable and fulfilling, it gives them a radiant glow and grace that emanates their vitality - a natural "sure of themselves" poise and presence.

In the wake of the women's movement of regaining power, an undesirable consequence also arose, which hardened the feminine natural suppleness and receptivity of being present in the body. In this process, many women who have inadvertently closed down their ability to attract the healthy attention and resources that come naturally when a woman is in her feminine presence and power -- feeling strong and secure in her body

The Art of Being Feminine is a powerful presence in my life by adding a richness and depth to my daily experiences, while giving me the grace and strength to handle situations that would have been potentially draining and disempowering in the past. Being a facilitator of this re-nourishing and re-claiming movement of The ART of Feminine Presence -- awakening to your inner sensuousness and rhythm has been very dear to my heart and soulfulfilling.

Mentoring women in RETURNING to their inner beauty and living through her energetic essence has been very gratifying and soul satisfying experience...

If you are ready to explore, expand, enrich, enliven and embody your feminine essence, in a fun group then this MEETUP is for you We would love to have you be part of the movement, THE ART OF FEMININE PRESENCE - Redefining Femininity

Go ahead and Click Join us above and we will see you at a meet-up soon!

Marcela Liliana <3

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