• Our June Golang-syd

    Microsoft Reactor

    Hi Gophers, At this months meetup we will be back with our friends at the Microsoft Reactor. Huge thanks to Okta for sponsoring our food and drinks. We have 2 speakers locked in for the evening. Talk 1: Sung Cho Title: Implementing end-to-end encryption in Golang Summary: This talk will explain how end-to-end encryption works by looking at a real life, open source encrypted note-taking example in Golang. Bio: Sung is a developer interested in privacy and software freedom. Talk 2: Jefferson Haw ABSTRACT How to quickly add AuthZ to your GoLang Web application using modern security frameworks and tools. OUTLINE 1.Traditional way of securing your web app 2.Modern way of securing your web app 3.What tools/technology is available 4.Hands on/Demo – Adding Authz to your GoLang web app BIO Jefferson Haw works as a Cloud Architect for Okta and also heads the developer advocacy within ANZ/Asia. Prior to Okta, Jeff started as a .NET and JAVA developer architecting and building client and web-based applications. As time progressed, Jeff started to use modern development frameworks like Nodejs, React and GoLang as part of his development stack. On top of developing applications, Jeff also made sure that Security is not foreshadowed as part of the software development lifecycle. Recently, he has created a blog post on how a developer can secure voice command devices but also providing a personalized user experience during the interaction process. https://developer.okta.com/blog/2019/03/20/linking-your-alexa-skils-securely *Please see the link for your ticket here: eventbrite.com.au/e/[masked]* Look forward to seeing you there! :D

  • Our May Golang-syd

    Microsoft Reactor

    Hi Gophers! For our May Meetup we will have Florian, Jaime and Nick speaking for us over a number of topics. Florian Lehner: Monitoring is an essential part of operating an IP-based network. This talk will discuss various techniques, that can be used on Linux systems, to increase the observability of IP packets in networks. Bio: Florian Lehner is a network engineer and developer. He contributes to various network related Open Source projects with a focus on scalability and maintainability. In the past he worked on signal processing and decoding. Jaime Pillora: Bio: Jaime Pillora is currently a software engineer at Macquarie Bank working on infrastructure and network automation. He has previously had two start-ups in the software-defined networking space. He writes a lot of Go programs and therefore, writes more Go to automate the creation of these programs. Summary: - Writing frictionless command-line interfaces in Go. Nick Ihab: Bio: Naguib has been working with early stage B2C startups and has his own startup (google My Guinea Pigs App). His main work has been in micro services and serverless APIs built in Golang and Nodejs focusing on making building APIs easy and fast. Talk summary: serverless golang APIs on AWS Lambda We look forward to seeing you. Please RSVP with this link: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/our-may-golang-syd-tickets-60031002344 Cheers Katie and Chewxy

  • Our March Golang-syd

    Microsoft Reactor

    Hi Gophers, Join us back at Microsoft Reactor for our March Golang-syd :-) We have Aaron Powell speaking for us... Bio Aaron is a Developer Advocate at Microsoft and former consultant at Readify. By day he spends his time in all facets of .NET development and by night he explores crazy ideas like writing your own implementation of numbers in .NET, creating IoC in JavaScript or implementing tic-tac-toe using git commits. Summary WebAssembly, aka WASM, aims to bring the power of languages generally considered for the server to the browser and with Go 1.11 experimental support for WebAssembly was introduced. As a web developer I spend my of my time in the browser writing JavaScript and looking at how other languages can fit in. So let’s take a look through a web developers lens on what it’s like to write Go to be used with WebAssembly, look at the approach Go has taken with their implementation and how we can bring the power of Go to the browser. Grab your free ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/our-march-golang-syd-tickets-58402961831?ref=estw

  • Our First Golang-syd 2019

    Microsoft Reactor

    Hey Gophers! We're back! We have a busy night ahead of us here! Our friends at Microsoft Reactor are having us again! Talk 1: Jack Rudenko We have Jack Rudenko CEO and founder of MadAppGang Speaking for us. Tech geek and lover of all new languages: Golang, Swift, Kotlin, Dart. Using Go in production for 4 years. Jack will be talking through with us how he's used Go. He has a few live demo's so feel free to bring your laptops if you'd like to follow. Title - Identifo - user identity system powered by golang. Content: "I will talk about the problem Identifo solves and will show how to use it. I will speak about the main challenges everyone should follow creating their user identity system." Talk 2: Dave Cheney David is an open source contributor and project member for the Go programming language. David is a well-respected voice within the tech community, speaking on a variety of topics such as software design, performance, and the Go programming language. Title - Go Test Talk 3: Gary Miller Gary is a creative technologist, across a broad spectrum of web, cloud and enterprise IT systems and technologies. He has recently finished at Macquarie Group's (COG - Infra) Computer Scientist in Residence, where he applied a small amount of theory with large amounts of practical software engineering nous, to unblock some of their most intractable problems. Title - A Little Theory Re-emerges Content: "This talk is a Golang centric view of typed configuration with the addition of the declarative capturing of CI/CD semantics. JSON and YAML reign. The religious wars between dynamic and static typing have been raging on for years. Until now the main battles have been centred around programming languages. The abomination ECMA Script, better known simply as JS, is seemingly unstoppable. Recently configuration has taken the helm as things are shifting. Tron, a new front in the battle has opened, promising to restore the balance in favour of sanity in its small corner of the galaxy. A briefing from the REPL alliance, hoping to convince Non Alignment forces to join the fight, is under way ..." *Due to popular demand, please make sure you have your eventbrite ticket on the night* Link here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/our-first-golang-syd-2019-tickets-56762006690?ref=estw Thanks Katie and Chewy

  • Our last Golang-syd of the year!

    Microsoft Reactor

    I hope you're ready for this Gophers! This will be our last meetup of the year and we are going out with a bang! Huge thanks to Microsoft for hosting in their Reactor hub and for supplying us with food and drink! Slight change of plan for tonight. Sadly Cera is now unable to attend tonight. So first up we will have Dave Cheney! Talk: Going without. The end of the year is a time for reflection. Let's talk about what Go would be like if we make a new years resolution to give something up. We will talk for 25-30 minutes with a few questions - so maybe think about some questions you may have about Go - this is the perfect opportunity to discuss. Huge thanks to Sonia Hamilton for stepping in tonight. Sonia's talk will be targeted towards early Go users. This will be a hands-on session covering very basic Go programming - starting with "Hello World!" then moving on to making decisions, looping and using the debugger. To get the most out of the session you'll need the following: a laptop (Windows/Mac/Linux) with Golang installed (Google 'download golang') and the Jetbrains Goland editor installed (Google 'download goland free evaluation'). These are large downloads and slow installs so you should do this before the session. To keep things consistent we'll be editing using Goland, so please install it even if you prefer another editor like Visual Code, Vim, Sublime, etc. bio: Sonia currently works as a Go programmer and has worked for many large corporates both in Australia and overseas. She has been programming Go for 5 years and maintains the popular Gosnmp project on Github; outside of tech she enjoys hiking, the guitar and Brazilian culture. *** Please grab your free ticket here *** https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/our-last-golang-syd-of-the-year-tickets-52033695183 See you there! Thanks, Katie and Chewy

  • Our October Meetup

    Fairfax Media

    For this months meetup we have our friends at Fairfax to thank for their awesome space and for supplying us with pizza and drinks! First up, we have the awesome James Matheson confirmed to talk for us. James' bio: "I recently started a position as a DevOps engineer at Dolby Laboratories, in the past I have been an AWS Cloud Consultant, A Developer, a QA Engineer, a Mathematician and worked (briefly) in biomedical research. I have been coding Go for about 2 years now, mostly for personal projects. I have done a lot of development in other languages as well such as C#, Node.js, Ruby and C, but Go is my current favourite. I also enjoy the Ops side of things and most of my Go projects tend to be that way inclined" The Talk: Some interesting tools in Go I will talk about a number of tools I have developed over the last few years and some of the things I have learnt in the process. There will be some interesting problems and weird solutions. The tools in question include: An S3 Backed POP3 Server Safely emailing AWS credentials Modelling competition for scarce resources (with Camels :-) ) Secondly we will have Fairfax’s very own Pavel Nikolov who will be doing a lightening talk on speaking about “GraphQL subscriptions“ Looking forward to seeing you there! Thanks! Katie and Chewy

  • Our September Meetup

    Macquarie - Cinema Room

    Hey Gophers! Really excited for this months Meetup! Rob Pike will be speaking about the design drafts announced last week at GopherCon. Huge THANK YOU to Macquarie for hosting in their awesome space and for providing us with food drink and POP CORN! :D TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT! "There is security protocol that all attendees must present photo ID eg. Drivers licence on arrival. All attendees need to be pre-registered and have tickets otherwise due to Macquarie’s security policy they will be not allowed entry." See you there! Thanks, Katie and Chewy

  • Our August Meetup

    Campaign Monitor

    Hi Gophers! Huge thanks to our friends at Campaign Monitor for providing us with their fantastic space, food and drink for our August Meetup! We have Johnny Luo , Senior Software Engineer in the Platform team at Campaign Monitor speaking about Kafka and Go. His talk will cover the following: 1.About Kafka 2.Demo Produce messages to Kafka in go 3.Demo Consume messages from kafka in go 4. a few lessons we learned Johnny has advised to encourage people to bring their laptop , as the demo part can be interactive. Please check out all the necessary content in his repository on github. https://github.com/johnnyluo/gokafka-workshop The second talk will be a talk on doing **Deep Learning in Go**, and the lessons learned. Looking forward to seeing you all! Thanks, Katie

  • Our July Meetup

    BCG Digital Ventures

    Wow I hope you're ready for tonight! Huge thanks to BCGDV for providing their awesome space and food and drink for us! First up we have Mohan Ambalavanan speaking. Mohan is the Head of Engineering for Lodge, a startup created by BCGDV His talk will be on ‘securing your Go services with Vault’ Managing your application secrets with Vault • What is Vault? • Why Vault? • Vault Deployment Architecture • Loading secrets in your services using Vault • Testing your Vault Go code with Docker compose Please find code that he'll walk through in meetup here https://gitlab.com/mohan82/meetup/ Then for our second speaker we have Corné Grobbelaar The subject Truely isolated micro-services platform for development on the go The talk Leveraging vorteil.io microkernel for the cloud, that now supports a wide set of languages, showing ease of use for the developer as well as the operational/dev-ops teams. Portability and even faster boot-up (service expansion) than before. We believe once you've seen it in action, that you will be able to run your own go app right here on the night. Run vorteil locally on your laptop or in the well known cloud. Corné Grobbelaar Co-Founder, Corné Grobbelaar is a software consultant with specialities in IT operational procedures, team management, solution design, integration design, IT risk management, IT asset and contract management, migration and planning, and IT future state strategies. What will we do (preparation - Corné will supply a more step by step brief prior to the night) FYI, if you run Ubuntu, life would be sweeter than before (in our near future release), but Windows and Mac works just as well. To show what unikernels can do for us, we will be running through an example. Here are the steps to follow along if you wish to: 1. We'd suggest you install Virtualbox (VMware Workstation will also be fine). Qemu KVM on Ubuntu will allow you to experience the sub-10ms boot-up we have managed to squeeze it down to. 2. To step it up (or be clever-lazy), we will use Ansible (which you can also install locally if you want to do the run-through with us). 3. We will take an application, download some code from another guy, mash it up into the magic vorteil.io brings and push it out into the cyber-space called cloud (Google Cloud Platform is or go-to-cloud), showing repeatability of dev-testing in the real world, but also being able to run a mini data centre on your workbench (laptop). So the following steps can be completed prior to the Meetup tonight (but can do it while there as well – it’s pretty simple): 1. Download the Vorteil CLI client from (http://www.vorteil.io/#downloads) for your operating system 2. Get a license from support page (https://support.vorteil.io/). 3. Bring along a Go app you’ve written – making sure of the following: a. Single process app (no forking) b. 64-bit c. And if you need to compile it on the night – we’ll show you how (export GOOS=linux is important) 4. We’ll be running Helloworld (or your own app), Traefik , CokcroachDB, MySQL (if you want to ….) Tickets Tickets available now! Cost: Free! Please click this link for your ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/golang-syd-our-july-meetup-tickets-47944645726

  • Our June Meetup!

    Google Sydney

    We are VERY excited to announce that this month our friends at Google will be having us again! We will have the awesome Josh Deprez speaking: Josh is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google Australia, where he works on internal technical infrastructure. In addition to his usual SRE responsibilities (such as periodically being on-call, and working on server- and client-side Go code), he is one of a group of volunteers who review Go code from across the company for readability. Before joining Google in late 2013, Josh was finishing his PhD in semigroup theory at the University of Tasmania, and was also a casual software engineer for Federal Group, where he maintained the data warehouse. In his spare time Josh created a visual programming tool based on Go, "Shenzhen Go" (working title)[1], which he is busy polishing up for a v1 release in mid 2018. [1] - https://github.com/google/shenzhen-go *What you need before the night* - Please review the readme file: https://google.github.io/shenzhen-go/getting-started-v1.html - Please bring your laptop with the Go compiler already installed: https://golang.org/dl/ PS - When you RSVP - You will be asked a question re: what Gopher level you are. Please answer accurately, this will help us with our interactive spin on things. :)