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GoSF – FlatBuffers and Go + Building a Rate Limiter in Go [Jan 21st]

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6:30 Networking | Food | Drink

7:00 Sharing of Tips and Tools

7:15 Speakers
• Talk 1: FlatBuffers and Go - An Inside View (Robert Winslow)
• Talk 2: Building a Rate Limiter in Go (Mohit Gupta, Alex Zylman)

8:30 End

Talk 1: FlatBuffers and Go - An Inside View

FlatBuffers is an efficient cross platform serialization library for C++, Java, C#, and Go. It was created at Google specifically for game development and other performance-critical applications. It provides access to serialized data without parsing/unpacking, while also still supporting data structure evolution (forwards/backwards compatibility).

Robert Winslow wrote the official Go port of FlatBuffers and continues to maintain it. His talk will go over the 'why' of FlatBuffers, the architecture of the project, the FlatBuffers serialization format, and issues encountered when writing the Go port.


Robert Winslow

Talk 2: Building a Rate Limiter in Go

Mohit Gupta and Alex Zylman from Clever will discuss how Go was the right language to build Sphinx, a high-performance rate limiter, with a focus on the benefit of interfaces in collaboration and testing.

Topics will include:
* Collaborating on a code base by defining interfaces

* How interfaces allow trivially adding dynamic configuration reload in a few lines of code

* Providing multiple, swappable backends with different functionality

* Where to use Go’s benchmarking library, and where it’s not enough


Alex Zylman is a software engineer at Clever with a passion for building scalable, maintainable code. Prior to working at Clever, he worked at Google making sure that their products offered personalized content. Outside of work, you can probably find him at either a Go meetup or juggling three different anime series.

As a engineer at Clever, Mohit Gupta focusses on security, policy and infrastructure. Previously he has worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Microsoft Research focusing on data privacy, mobile geolocation research and map-based storytelling.

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