Golang NYC Meetup July

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190 people went

Capital One Commercial Labs

11 W 19th St · New York, NY

How to find us

We will be at 11 W 19th St at Capital One. Find us at the reception on the first floor! Our event will be on the 3rd Floor.

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Join the Go Language NYC group in a round of talks by local community members looking to share their stories.

All experience levels in public speaking and Go programming are welcome to give a talk!

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You! Yes, you can speak about your favorite Go topic if you like.


* Venue Details

Please RSVP with your full name. A valid photo ID is required upon entry.

We will be hosted on the 3rd Floor.

* Meetup Format:

A round of full-length talks, followed by lightning talks.

6:30pm - Arrive, socialize, and eat
7:00pm - Talks begin
8:30pm - More socializing
9:00PM - Venue closes

* Topics:
Talk #1
Developing Microservice with GO

A simple Notes application that will demonstrate how to write a microservice in GO. This application will provide CRUD API operations for notes. This application will be deployed to Kubernetes in a docker container.

Takeaways for Audience from this talk
* Audience will have a full working API service written in GO with Dockerfile and Kubernetes deployment definition with full access to source code in github
* Solid foundation of concepts to write microservice in GO
A working example of Dockerfile for a GO application and how to build GO code in container
* A working example of Kubernetes Deployment resource that demonstrate ReplicaSet and Rolling deployment concept.

I am a Microservices Developer at Aetna working on next generation Digital Wellbeing platform. I am a recent gopher and enjoying coding in Golang. I have about 19 years of solid software development experience in the field of healthcare, education and finance. I am an avid runner and enjoy running half marathons.

Talk #2
TwirpQL: REST and GraphQL Servers For Free

In this talk we will look at the benefits of both REST APIs and GraphQL and I will argue that they compliment each other rather than compete.

I will demo Twirp (an idiomatic Go API framework) and I will also demo gqlgen: a flexible Go GraphQL implementation.

Then I will demo TwirpQL a plugin that I wrote in my free time to combine both programs so you only focus on writing business logic.

I will start by talking about my experience at the New York Times writing services where we had to manually maintain a GraphQL -> REST proxy. Furthermore, for services that didn’t use GraphQL they had to manually write clients in their own languages to reach our services.

This gets broken down into two things: The Who and The How. The Who dictates The How: Browsers and mobile like to use GraphQL, while servers like to use RPC-based systems or wrapping a Client over the transport (whether REST or GraphQL) so that their own business logic does not get tainted with transport-details.

The problem with supporting both models, is that you have a lot of plumbing code to write and maintain, this is where TwirpQL comes to help.

TwirpQL combines two popular open source projects: Twirp and gqlgen. TwirpQL lets you define your server in a Protobuf format, which you can use to generate a REST server/client/swagger. Then TwirpQL can be used to generate a GraphQL layer that knows how to call the exact server implementation as well.

Marwan helps build distributed systems in Go for the New York Times. He’s passionate about awesome software that makes his life easier.

* Important to know

Go Language NYC officially adopts the Go Code of Conduct (https://golang.org/conduct). Harassment, bullying, and discrimination are unacceptable here and if you witness or experience those or other harmful behaviors, please let the organizers know.

Our Host: Capital One
For the July Meetup Capital One has graciously opened their door for us.

Capital One is investing in new tech to change banking for good. Check out what we’re doing https://www.capitalone.com/tech and our job openings https://www.capitalonecareers.com. We’re hiring in NYC.