Distributed Systems: Expressing Code & Concurrency & Async Processing w/CI/CD

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Our June 30th Meetup is going to be great! We'll have 2 great Go Talks and JFrog will also give you a chance to enter a raffle to win an awesome prize, along with our regular Jet Brain IDE Drawings.

7:05 - 7:10 - GoLang NYC Community Announcements
7:10 - 7:40 - Distributed Systems: and a natural way to express them using Go - André Eriksson from Encore.dev
7:45 - 8:15 - Using Go Concurrency & Asynchronous Processing with CI/CD – Sudhindra Rao from JFrog
8:15 - 8:30 - Q&A, Jet Brains Raffle & Closing Remarks

Talk 1: Distributed Systems: and a natural way to express them

What if we could come up with a way to express code at an abstraction level that allows us to reason about how an application works, and simplify the development process? We'll show you how to write programs that look like regular Go code, that when compiled turn into fully-fledged distributed systems. The result is an augmented form of Go that works the same way but offers powerful capabilities beyond what the base language offers.

André Eriksson: Ex-Spotify staff engineer, now founder of Encore. Long time Gopher, and puppy caretaker.

Talk 2: Using GoLang Concurrency & Asynchronous Processing with CI/CD

Concurrency is one Go's most prominent features. So how did we incorporate its usage when we needed to significantly reduce the 8 hour compile time of our complex Kubernetes platform which consisted of 25 individual components? What about the multiple CI/CD pipelines we were triggering subsequently during this process?
In this talk, Sudhindra will share the process and approach his team took to work through these uncertainties, and how incorporated Asynchronous Processing while leveraging Golang concurrency. He will also showcase concepts in Go Concurrency from waitGroups to concurrency pipelines. Using GoLang Concurrency & Asynchronous Processing with CI/CD

Sudhindra Rao currently works at JFrog as Development Manager to help build communities and partnerships to provide visibility into JFrog's liquid software mission. He has been working as a developer/architect for critical business applications developing in multiple languages including, Go, Ruby, and Java. After having worked in traditional application development, Sudhindra became part of the Pivotal team and built their Kubernetes(k8s) platform offering. Sudhindra's diverse project experiences include: building an application for the largest publishing company in Chicago, a large datacenter automation effort, a large auctioning system, and a voter campaigning application for US national elections.