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Guy Harvey Wreck and The Borrow Pits with ScubaNation !!!

Price: $55.00 /per person
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Description: The Guy Harvey is 185' long and 30ft wide. The ship sits upright with the bow pointing south. Large fish murals were painted by world renown wildlife artist Guy Harvey. White paint was used to stand out against the ocean blue; however, they have since been covered with growth. This is a deep dive and borderlines a Tech. Dive. Deep diving experience is required.

History: The Guy Harvey was built in Holland in 1957, this 185 foot freighter spent the last of her 10 years sailing between Haiti and the Lesser Antilles as the Lady Kimberly. She was sunk in 144 feet of water on May 10, 1997 courtesy of Guy Harvey and the Pompano Fishing Rodeo.

Plan on diving no deeper than the deck which is around 110'

The Borrow Pits:

Nice article:

Type: Drift dive on a reef.
Depth range: 70' - 90'.
Suggested skill level: Open Water Diver or equivalent experience.
Location: Pompano Beach (between inner & outer reefs)

Description: The Borrow pits are unique sites in that they are man made and naturally made. Past beach re nourishment projects "borrowed" sand from these areas to replenish eroding beaches. These projects were not sustainable, so more and more Sand was needed over the years. Eventually the pits were depleted of usable sand and were abandoned for future projects. Ledges were created by the remaining limestone and coral began to grow on top creating new habitat. Because of the diversity of having deep pits between the inner & outer reef systems in the middle of the sand, you never know what you will see. Manta Rays & Sharks have been know to visit this area. Navigation: Start out in either the north or south end (depending on the current) and drift along the main ledge on the west side. This is the best scenic route we have discovered so far. Also pay attention to the center of the pit for interesting marine life swimming across.

50 + tax or 55 via paypal

Dive safely and have fun !!!

ScubaNation will be filming as part of the 2014 LBTS show !!!