Past Meetup

Randy's Awesome Spearfishing Certification Class

Hosted by Gold Coast Scuba Divers (954) 616-5909

Public group
Price: $200.00 /per person

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You've seen them...other divers on the boat with a speargun and seen their catches. Spearfishing is an art of hunting and gathering, and what better way to provide dinner for yourself and your friends and family. Now, in addition to enjoying a dive as always, you gain a dual purpose: FUN and sustenance!

Why can't you merely buy a speargun, go diving, and shoot? You can. But the spearfishing course will do more than just teach you how to shoot a speargun...AND hit your target. The course will also teach you what fish you can shoot, the size regulations for each species, fish seasons, and more.

We will start with a spearfishing seminar in our classroom. Then the following day we will do two reef dives from a boat, where you will take target practice and learn the fundamentals of shooting, how to aim, how to compensate for different factors, so you hit your target and gather the freshest dinner you can prepare. Yummy!!!

When we are done you will have a new Certification Card to add to your collection.

$200.00 includes the lessons, boat trip and certification card. Payment or a payment arrangement is required within 2 days of your RSVP.

We've arranged a boat trip Sunday afternoon right after the lecture.