8/01 Dive The Crab Cove and Another Reef (OW OK) !!


Location: Deerfield Beach (outer reef)

Description: Like many South Florida Reefs, Crab Cove is a section of the outer reef, running parallel to the shoreline. The highest concentration of sea life and coral cover is on the western facing ledge (main ledge). From an aerial view this reef resembles the shape of a crab. The N and S end curl to resemble crab claws. The western facing ledge is teaming with life. This is a favorite lobstering spot due to it's undercut ledges. Whale sharks have been sited in this area; however, very infrequent. Navigation: Start out in either the north or south hook (depending on the current) and drift along the main ledge. This is the best scenic route. If you are lobstering sometimes it pays to venture to the deep side of the reef (east) to the Spur & Groove or to the false ledge to the west

The second dive will be a reef less tha 60' deep also.

Dive safely and have fun !