8/16 The Sea Emperor and a Reef !!! (AQUA ZOO)

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We are doing a 2 tank dive with South Florida Diving Headquarters! (About 3 miles North of GCS) Professional Dive Boat Operator with at least 1 divemaster on board.
The first dive will be the wreck of the Sea Emperor and sits in 70' of water (the top of the barge is about 60' deep) and is referred to as the "AQUAZOO" because of the abundance of marine life typically seen there including stingrays, moray eels, Goliath grouper, Nurse sharks, etc...
If not much current is present you could possibly swim to the United Caribbean wreck following an easy trail of boulders that are also home to a lot of critters.
One day there wasn't much to see on the Sea Emperor (very unusual), so I followed the boulders Southeast towards the United Caribbean and came across 3 dive buddies swimming together - a big southern stingray with a cobia swimming above it and the largest turtle I ever saw.

The second dive will be a Reef.

On these wrecks I've seen: schools of blue Parrot fish, Cobia, Tarpon, a Cubera Snapper that was about 100 lbs., Goliath Grouper, Moray Eel, Hogfish, Glassy Sweepers, Batfish, etc..

$65.00 online...

Air tanks can be picked up at the shop for $10.00 each (80cf). Nitrox tanks (80cf) are $15.00 each. Please reserve Nitrox tanks at least a day in advance with GCS [masked].

Rental gear available at the dive shop.

Dive safely, enjoy life and have fun!!!