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This group is for people who want to experience Awakening and become Enlightened.

Meditations, and special processes to connect mankind directly to the Supreme Light of Supreme Love and completely transform your life.


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OnenessBlessingNY (Deeksha Only)
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Our Light House

Benefits of Oneness Blessing: • Balancing of Chakras (Energy centers) • Facilitates healing of hurts and deep life traumas by providing energy needed to experience them completely • Promotes physical healing in the body • Quiets the mind and induces an inner silence • Frees Kundalini energy to flow freely in the body so you can experience oneness • People have been healed of addictions • Awaken the divine inside your heart • Heals and improve all relationships • Heals and awaken your heart • Removes blocks so wealth can flow into your life • Ultimately moves you into a state of oneness with the divine/universe • Eradicates negative patterns and blocks • Deepens your connection to the divine

Ceremony - Saturday, October 28th in NYC
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

If you're interested in sitting or more information email me at [masked]

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"Our Light House"

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