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How can I ever learn to live in god?
How can I ever learn?’
Sings Van Morrison.

When we long for peace of heart, we can recognize this question.
But what do we have to learn and how?
The learning process in the Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross involves becoming less full of ourselves. Our aim is to make space in our heart, so the Spirit Spark – Jesus, Tao - can grow in our Soul and become a flame. Then there are two Souls. Our own soul to become less and the New Soul to become stronger.

How can this be done? How do we know that we can trust this path?
These are very valid questions for spiritual seekers with an open and critical mind.
In this lecture we will explore the possibility of this inner process from different perspectives. We will make a cross over from Gnostic teachings to Taoism.
The different perspectives show that the inner path is a universal possibility for all seekers with an open heart and head.

You are very welcome to join us for this free lecture on Tuesday the 15th of October!
After the lecture there will be time for questions and dialogue.

Please note: this lecture will take place in the Westcourt Room!