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The kindle of the inner sun

Through the ages, mankind has celebrated the return of the light at the most dark period of the year: the December-solstice. Temples, rituals and festivities: they all point at our connection with and our need for light and the special meaning of the winter solstice.

In Christianity, the birth of Jesus is on December 25th. As you might know, people speak about an exoteric (outer) and esoteric (inner) Christianity. The School of the Golden Rosycross finds itself in the tradition of a pure inner Christianity and accepts the texts of the New Testament as meticulous but symbolic descriptions of an inner process: the birth of the Light in the heart of a human being, the birth of a new soul.

Jesus and John, Joseph and Mary, the stable, the donkey, the sheep, the oxen, the leading star: they are symbols of processes and aspects within us which all play a role in an extraordinary, pure and inner process. This process starts in anybody who, more than anything longs for truth, real life, true friendship and light.

Our December public lecture invites you to reveal familiar and unfamiliar aspects of the Christmas-story, so that it might support you to recognize your own inner process.

You are heartily invited on December 11th 2012 in

The Lantern Centre, 17 Synge Street, Dublin 8