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Our dance studio, The Dancer Project Conservatory, is moving to Goodlettsville in July. We will have dance classes for youth and adults and are starting a “My Grown Up & Me” class on Monday mornings. This will be drop in base but I thought it would be nice to offer a 30 minute free time play space with all the bells and whistles before the classes in studio to get to know each family and new faces. No obligation to attend the classes although you’d be able to drop in before it begins if your little was having fun still. Here’s a quick class description if interested:

These classes are fun and upbeat where a young child and parent, grandparent, relative, or other special caregiver engage in a variety of music and movement activities together and facilitate a unique bonding experience! Caregivers will assist their little in activities that encourage the use of gross motor skills such as walking in patterns or around classroom obstacles, crawling through tunnels, working together with a colorful parachute, sensory ball pit time, use of scarves and dance props, learn tempo with fun instruments, or hopping into hula hoops. With your assistance, little ones will practice turn taking skills, listening skills, and will become acclimated to the structure of a dance class that will lead into our training division classes and performances!

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