• GraphQL in Rails


    Lecture: brief overview of GraphQL and how it compares to a REST API, plus a walkthrough of implementation in a new Rails project. Our team has been using GraphQL alongside our REST API (gradually replacing query endpoints) for about a year now and it's going really well. Anyone else who has experience working with GraphQL is more than welcome to share their knowledge - get in touch and we'll put you on the schedule. Otherwise, food and drinks and chatting with local Rubyists.

  • Back from summer AW

    Varvet HQ

    As people are coming back from summer vacations, let's get together for an After Work hangout and enjoy some pizza, drinks, and chat about Ruby or whatever you want. Did you start a new side project during summer? What are you most looking forward to working on during the autumn? Or are you dreading going back to work and want some support from fellow developers (or maybe a new job ;) )? We want to talk about it!

    This will be a joint meetup together with Got.js (https://www.meetup.com/got-js/events/253612859/). You can RSVP to either group's event, but please make sure to only RSVP to one of them so that you don't take up two spots.

  • What's new in Rails 5.2?

    Varvet HQ

    Got.rb is back (again)! We'll start the first meetup this year with an update on what's new in Ruby on Rails 5.2, but that's mostly an excuse to get together again and meet fellow Rubyists (or Ruby-curious).

    Varvet will provide food and drinks. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Designing crossword puzzles with Ruby

    Varvet HQ

    Hello fellow Rubyists!

    It’s been way to long since our last meetup (again), so please join us next week for some Ruby talk, food, and drinks.

    Nicklas Ramhöj will cut us a vertical slice of a recent project Varvet did for Bonnier (https://www.varvet.com/work/bonnier-korsord/), where we built a tool for creating crossword puzzles for Bonnier’s magazines and newspapers such as Dagens Nyheter and Dagens Industri. We’ll look at the full stack, from the React.js desktop-like interface, down to the Ruby-generated print-ready PDFs.

    See you there!

  • Lucia meetup: Rails 5 ActionCable vs Phoenix Channels

    Time for one last Ruby meetup this year! Eric and Linus from Varvet will introduce you to the websocket support in Rails 5 and Elixir's Phoenix frame work respectively, and together we'll talk about pros and cons of each. Can Rails be used for highly concurrent, real-time applications?

    And since it's Lucia, we'll have a traditional Swedish julfika with pepparkakor, lussekatter, and glögg. No pizza or beer this time.

  • What's your stack?

    Elabs office

    Time for another Got.rb meetup! This time we'll swap war stories on what stacks we're using in our apps. We'll talk about how we deploy, what databases and web servers we use, caching layers, etc.

    We'll start with a short presentation of the stack we at Elabs use for ProjectPuzzle (https://www.projectpuzzle.com/), our team scheduling app. If you want to talk about an app you've worked on too, that'd be great!

  • Long time, no see

    Elabs office

    Time flies! We haven't had a Got.rb meetup in a very, very long time. Let's change that!

    As a warmup, let's just meet and chat. If someone has something quick to present, that's great. If not, we'll just hang out and talk.

    New members are especially welcome! Doesn't matter if you're a Ruby beginner or a pro.

  • Show me something, you've got ten minutes!


    This is the meetup where you get the chance to show something cool or interesting: Demonstrate a useful gem, show a nice design pattern, host a discussion, or live code a C64 emulator. But what ever you do you only get 10 minutes (we will have a timer)!

    This is the perfect opportunity if you feel that you want to contribute, but you think it is a little daunting to do so in front of people. Anyone can do 5-10 minutes, and we are aiming for a friendly setting do to so.

    Write in the comments if you are planning to show something.

    PugglePay will provide venue, pizza and beverages.

  • Ruby turns 20 !


    It's been a while since we've had a Ruby Meetup, and if you already didn't know, Ruby has also turned 20 recently.

    We at Saltside thought it was good occasion to organize a meetup and get it going for this year. Hereby, we invite all Ruby enthusiasts to this event.

    There isn't a strong theme in mind already. It's supposed to be a casual event where we can all get together, chat up and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ruby. We might have some talks which will be mentioned in the comments(or here) soon.

    And, of course, if you have something fun to talk about, please shoot a message.


  • Pair Programming multi-language Musical Chairs


    I'd like to invite you to join the GothPy group and the ACCU group for a fun evening of programming. We'll be playing "pair-programming musical chairs", a game for a group of programmers. We work on a code kata in pairs, and every 10 minutes, one half of the pair must stand up and move to a different computer. The thing is, we'll have several different programming languages on the go, so when you move machine, it's not just the code changes, the language changes too!

    My company (Bache Consulting) will sponsor with some "Julgröt" and "Julmust" and "skinkmackor", so I'd like you all to sign up in advance so I know how much food to bring.

    Come along and have some fun mingling, coding and experiencing some different programming languages.