Agile Experience Design and Sass: A Co-Meetup

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70 people went

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This month, we're collaborating with the New York Agile Experience Design Meetup ( ! to talk about the strength of Sass as technical tool for implementing agile and experience design driven methodologies, as well as a tool that allows designers and developers to craft new practices that put usability and design at the helm.

This meetup we'll have a number of sessions (10-15 min each), followed by general panel-type discussion. We have three members from NYC Sass group and we'll be adding a couple from Agile Experience Design group shortly–stay tuned!

Jonathan Berger is a designer, developer and technologist. He spends his days building software with Pivotal Labs ( and his nights and weekends working on Market Publique ( Jonathan is going to talk about Spike Driven Design.

Jean-Pierre is Founder of Zybragroup, a design and development agency and he'll present on Agile Wordpress Theme Design with Sass. He'll cover how he uses helper partials to aid building responsive themes.

Mark Reilly is a User Experience Designer for NYU's Information Technology Services. He is a hybrid web designer, front end developer and is a Sass and Compass enthusiast. He's going to present on Sassy Style Tiles, an open source solution to quickly and easily generating style tiles in CSS and HTML using Sass and Compass. Style Tiles ( ( is a great solution for getting away from Photoshop comps. They allow a separation of style from layout. Especially now with responsive web design there's no longer a definitive layout. However, style tiles are still being generated in Photoshop or FireWorks! Sassy Style Tiles lets you design in the browser not in pixel based AdobeLand.

Mason Wendell is VP of Creative at Zivtech and is going to talk about using Sass for prototyping and designing/developing with a styleguide driven approach. Mason is the creator behind Survival Kit (, Breakpoint (, coined the term Coding Designer (, and author of many articles on RWD in Sass.


6:30 to 7:00pm - Space opens, meet & greet.

7:00 to 8:30pm - Presentation, discussion.

Unlike our other meetups, we do have a space cap. If you have a spot and change your mind, please do try to take your name off the list. We hope you can join us!

Big thank you to our sponsors Vox Media for food and Pivotal Lab for the space, drinks, and snacks