Claudina SaraheClaudina Sarahe

Claudina Sarahe

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New York, NY

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Apr 4, 2012


Entrepreneur. Radical thinker. E/INTP. Sass lover. SassConf Chair.

I am a... (developer? designer? both? UX? something else?)

front-end developer, drupal site builder, application development and management

My level of Sasspertise is (What's Sass?; I own css and I'm diving into Sass; I'm nesting, using mixins, and variables; I write my own extensions )


I'm currently working on...

I'm in the process of starting my own digital innovation company. I want to work in technology for good and startup product development.

What would you like to see covered at a Meetup?

I'd like to keep the meetups as locally sourced as possible and promote NY Made companies. If you know anyone that is interested in working with our Meetup, let me know. But! For less lofty starters: any beer/wine will do