Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and Software Engineering w/ Garrett Smith

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Join us for the next GOTO Night Chicago with Garrett Smith

GOTO Nights Chicago is excited to co-host an event with Chicago ML!

Topic: Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and Software Engineering


What will you learn?

To build data-enabled applications, organizations must coordinate the
efforts of two distinct functions: data science and software
engineering. In most organizations, these are not just separate
individuals, they are separate groups, each with its own culture and
practice. How can data scientists and engineers work together to
deliver successful applications? What are common pitfalls to avoid?

In this talk, Garrett answers these questions and presents a framework to bring data scientists and engineers together as an effective team. He covers topics such as code ownership, refactoring, continuous integration, quality assurance, and ongoing development.

If you're a data scientist or software engineer interested in building
data-driven applications, this talk highlights some of the problems
you face and provides practical advice for your projects.


Garrett Smith is founder of Guild AI, a software platform for ML
engineering. He specializes in model quality assurance and
performance, working with data scientist and engineers to ensure that
deployed models are correct, resilient, and fast. Prior to founding
Guild AI, Garrett co-founded Stax Networks, a Java platform-as-a-service that was acquired by CloudBees to serve as their hosted platform for thousands of database-enabled enterprise applications. Garrett organizes Chicago ML, an organization of nearly
4000 ML enthusiasts and professions.

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