Hello! Any suggestions on where I can find recommended Bay Area day trips, perhaps including plotted courses. I'm new to skippering the Bay

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    • Syd

      I sail out of emeryville and many of my day sails are to Tha backside of Angel island. Or to paradise cove in tiburon. How about a lunch stop at mccovey cove at the ball park. There is also clipper cove at treasure. How about a sail to sams in tiburon. A sail out the gate near the north tower. You could also sail down the estuary to Oakland. You will find that many of your sails will take you to the same areas. However, the bay is so gorgeous it doesn’t matter.

      4 months ago
      • Craig is on the right path there. I personally am not a huge fan of Sams, as the dock there makes me claustrophobic.

        This book is a great place to start:

        4 months ago
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