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To all, this is a message from your founder.

I consider this to be a 'Sailing Network' that uses the MeetUp Software Platform to carry out it's mission:

To Connect Sailors

That Software Platform is a available to us through a paid subscription. It's not free.

So I don't consider 'Got Wind and Water' to be a 'MeetUp Group', even though it's members have to belong to MeetUp in order to belong to this network. The company that wrote and maintains the software platform has it's own reasons for doing so. They have a vision, a concept, for what a 'MeetUp Group' is, and that vision includes encouraging the larger demographic of 'MeetUp' members to join as many 'MeetUp Groups' as possible, and to RSVP to as many 'MeetUps' as possible.

That's really not what we are about, but as long as we use this software platform, we are harnessed to that vision/concept even if we ignore it as much as possible.

This brings me to have to describe the difference between the 3 lists.

There used to be 2 lists: RSVP and Waiting

Everyone understands these two. If you are on the RSVP list, you are going to the event (We don't call them 'MeetUps'). Every Event has an RSVP List

Waiting Lists are different. Not every event has a Waiting List - we can turn that option off.

If you are on the Waiting List, you aren't going, but are waiting to be selected. Our events are 'small group' events, so to participate, you have to selected by the skipper. The two lists are set up so that if you put yourself on either of the two lists while logged in through a web browser, you get asked important questions. The most important from my point of view is 'what is your cell phone number'.

As a skipper, it's very annoying to be at the boat (on the dockside of a locked security gate that's 100 yards away) and wondering if someone is at the gate (or lost). If you have a cell phone number, you can call and find out. If not - it's annoying.

Unfortunately, if you are putting yourself on either of these two lists, and you are using the MeetUp app on your phone - you are not asked the questions. It's ironic, but that's the way it is.

Now there is a third List.

We can't turn this list off - it's part of the MeetUp Software Platform strategy of getting the maximum number of people associated with the events.

This third list is the 'I want a spot' list. And if you put yourself on this list - the software platform does not ask the questions.

I recently had to deal with this on another event. We moved selected people onto the RSVP, and did not enable the second type of list (the Waiting List). But the 'I want a spot list' pops up. While it might be nice to know who's interested, there was never any intention on such an event to add people to the event.

So it's annoying to have to explain to people that they have no chance to join us on that particular event.

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