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GoWroc #31

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Paweł S.


GoWroc #31

== Agenda
6:45 Networking

7:00 Talks
- Paweł Słomka - Deploying Go with Docker to Heroku
A short lightning talk about moving your application from the local environment to the cloud in a few minutes.
- Michał Matczuk - "Reflection is not for you" ... or maybe it is?
The talk will try to demystify the reflection in Go. I will share lesson learnt from the work on scylla/gocqlx and other tools, such as jmoiron/sqlx. The presented techniques are generic, the talk will help you understand inner workings of reflection based tools and build some of your own.

8:00 Networking

== Speakers
Paweł - Go developer at Ingrid, tries to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and IT solutions, some of them he describes on his technical blog:
Michał - He is a Software Engineer at ScyllaDB a NoSQL database company. He is a contributor to Scylla/Cassandra Go driver gocql/gocql, and author of the driver extension/ORM package scylladb/gocqlx

== About Sponsors
- Ingrid ( creates smart shipping solutions for e-commerce platforms.
- Young/Skilled ( helps global brands succeed in commerce.
- Centra ( - the powerhouse e-commerce platform that does it all, so you can focus on growth.
Ingrid, Centra, Young/Skilled Office
pl. Jana Pawła II 14 · Wrocław, pw
How to find us

Locate mBank (pl. Jana Pawła II 9) and enter the construction site next to it. Follow the road until you see a big chimney. It's the building on the right. pl. Jana Pawła II 14 50-079 Wrocław 51.1125 N 17.0241 E

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