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How to Double Your Profits on Your Wholesale Deals!

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Obviously, wholesaling houses is one of the quickest ways to make money with real estate investing, right? Well what if you could merge that tried-and-true strategy of investing with another tried-and-true strategy to now DOUBLE your profits on wholesale deals? Oh, and get this…this technique doesn’t require any more than ten dollars…YES…$10!

RSVP Now to Learn How to Double Your Profits:
Here’s a bullet-point breakdown of some things our November speaker will cover at our meeting:
· How to Find the Best Double-Wholesale Deals
· How to Structure the Deals so You Get Paid Twice
· How to Find BOTH of Your Buyers (what the heck???)
· How to Get Everyone to Closing Quickly and Smoothly so you get paid
· Why Everyone In the Transaction Needs to Know Everything (FULL Disclosure!)
· How to Keep Everyone Happy and Doing Repeat-Business with YOU
· How to Get LOTS of Referrals
This step-by-step presentation will EITHER revolutionize your wholesaling business, OR if you haven’t started doing deals yet, it will equip you to get your business off the ground and profitable very quickly.
If you are a C’ASH Buyer, this meeting is also for you. Why? Because by attending this meeting, you’ll be connected to lots of people who are looking for buyers who want good deals with lots of equity and a high monthly Return On Investment, passive income. As a solid buyer, you know that perhaps the biggest key to your success is a constant and consistent flow of deals coming across your desk (or email inboxJ) so that you can cherry-pick the best deals for yourself. Personally, I’ve found some of my best deals from other wholesalers!
Come, Meet Wholesalers Who Want to Find GREAT Deals for YOU: Ok, this invite is turning into an e-book, so let me wrap it up by pointing out some of the biggest benefits and value that you will get by attending this meeting on Thursday, November 7, 2013 @ 6:30 P.M. Here they are:
· Learn how to launch or accelerate your wholesaling business
· Connect with high-performing wholesalers who want to find YOU some great deals
· Network with and learn from other active investors
· Get a healthy dose of motivation simply by being around of like-minded, supportive, encouraging, and enthusiastic investors!
I can truly say that some of my most meaningful relationships have been formed by attending this (and other similar) real estate investor meetings. You never know what conversation you will have or person you will meet who will literally change your life!
Come, Join Us For a Great Evening Together:
Let’s WHIP your program into action- this is a great place to learn, buy and sell!
Wholesaling Houses in Philadelphia (W.H.I.P.) is a community for new and experienced real estate wholesalers and investors to network, partner, exchange deals and share ideas. Our group also welcomes realtors, contractors, real estate attorneys, tax accountant, appraisers, home inspectors and other real estate professionals who LOVE real estate! Bring your deals, your questions, your appetite for deals and your positive energy!
Every month we will have a successful real estate investor come to speak about how they started with No Money and No Credit. Anyone can invest in real estate and achieve financial freedom, but not everyone will, WILL YOU?
Here is what other experts say about us:
*It’s NOT easy for us to convince our speakers to spill their secretes that made them fortunes, but you are in luck this time!
*Wholesalers, bring your deals! Cash buyers are in the group!
*There is no other group like this! We are also bringing in CASH INVESTORS who are looking for deals! Sellers and buyers all in one room!!
*This is an active group for both beginners and experienced investors, wholesalers and flippers to find properties and buyers!
*Financing sources available! If you have a deal, we got you covered!
*Real information, real answers!
*Network, network, network!
*Food included $20