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Greetings Singles! Join our Core Group for Sunday Morning Singles Fellowship Breakfast and Bible Study in a warm, inviting, fun atmosphere in beautiful Westfield as we prepare ourselves for Marriage! Get to know some of the sweetest new Gals & Guys in the Metro area! Also.. Weekend Events! Parties! Connect with other Christian Singles via weekend getaways, day trips and summer vacation. "The two genders, male and female, belong to the creation pattern. Men and women are equally image bearers of God ( Genesis 1:27), and their dignity is equal in consequence. The complementary nature of the genders is meant to lead to enriching cooperation (see Genesis 2:18 - 23), not only in marriage, procreation, and family life, but in life's wider activities also."Perception of the difference between a person of the other gender and oneself is meant to be a school for learning the practice and joy of appreciation, openness, honor, service, and fidelity." From: The Reformation Study Bible Notes: Body & Soul, Male and Female

Soli Deo Gloria!

Joe :)