Who Do You Want to Be? & The Software Developer's Guide to Fun in the Workplace


The LJC would you like to invite you to join them on Tuesday 10th July when we're very pleased to welcome Joe Schmetzer and Dr Holly Cummins.

Talk 1 Details:

Congratulations! You're working in a software team. Now what? Not everyone has a long term plan, or even needs one. But... if you don't have a clear picture of what you like and dislike about your job, your career can wander aimlessly and end up in places you may not like. In this talk, Joe offers advice and guidance about nudging your career to maximise your happiness and success.

About The Speaker:

Joe Schmetzer creates software, aiming to achieve business goals and delight the user. Joe’s blog ( https://exubero.com/) gives you an insight to his current thinking and activities.

Talk 2 Details:

An in-depth look at what makes software development a roller coaster where the highs of 0 compiler warnings are quickly cancelled out by the pain of long hours, bad requirements, endless configuration, clueless managers and a plethora of other issues which make death by a thousand cuts seem like a good idea…. They will answer questions such as: “Why is programming often called an art despite having its underpinnings in formal logic?” “How can I rediscover the delight I felt when I first started coding?” “What’s that rush I feel when my test passes? Am I addicted to TDD?” Combining Psychology, Philosophy and Computer Science, Dr Holly Cummins will present a series of practical tips to help you rediscover the euphoria that you felt the very first time a metal box in front of you came to life and cried out “Hello World”.

About The Speaker:

Holly Cummins is the technical lead of IBM’s Bluemix Garage London, and the former delivery lead for the WebSphere Liberty Profile. She is a co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action and has spoken at JavaOne, Devoxx, JavaZone, The ServerSide Java Symposium, JAX London, GeeCon, and the Great Indian Developer Summit, as well as a number of user groups. Outside of her work at the Garage, Holly enjoys, cake engineering (“baking”), running, and sewing.

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6.00pm: Doors open.

6.15pm: Who Do You Want to Be? - Joe Schmetzer

7pm: Break

7.15pm - The Software Developer's Guide to Fun in the Workplace - Holly Cummins

8:00pm - Finish

Big thanks to WeWork Spitalfields (https://www.wework.com/buildings/spitalfields--london) for providing the venue and drinks for the evening.

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