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Beer and Mussels - A Toast to St. Arnold of Soissons

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In the famous words of St. Arnold "From man's sweat and God's love, beer came into the world”. St. Arnold considered as the patron saint of hop pickers and brewers in Belgium, founded an Abbey in Oudenburg and is credited for technological advancement in the art of brewing by inventing filters to help separate impurities and better transfer wort into finished beer.

Brewing is still a godly practice, done by monks such as the Trappists. Trappist ales are considered some of the strongest, most flavorful beers in the world. They honed techniques like double and triple fermentation to produce extra sugars, frothy golden pigments and fruity undertones in their beers.

Some of the finest, most expensive and strongest beer on Earth comes right out of Belgian monasteries. The figurehead for such artistry in brewing is St. Arnold.

Our event venue takes its name from this saint of the hop pickers and brewers in Belgium. "St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar" in Dupont circle, is well known for excellent mussels, great atmosphere, good beer selection - much more German / Austrian themed.

The subterranean space on quiet Jefferson Place NW, south of Dupont Circle features 20 mussels preparations, from a classic mariniere version to a Mexican iteration served in a sauce spiked with jalapeno peppers, onions and cilantro.

The house specialty, Mussels St. Arnold’s, arrives in a house-made beer broth laced with caramelized shallots, garlic, thyme and duck fat. Fans of Belgian cuisine will be especially pleased to find Flemish waterzooi -- a cream-based stew of chicken and vegetables -- served either in a large bowl or atop a freshly pressed waffle.

So as we meet for this special evening of celebrating Beer, one of the finest gifts to us, lets raise a toast to St. Arnold of Soissons.

Please note, that reservations are very difficult to make, so as always manage your RSVP’s responsibly for the fine service we now get, is closely related to our group’s responsibility in meeting our reservation commitments.