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Developers interested in learning about and working with graph databases like Neo4j for social, spatial, hierarchical or other highly connected data sets. We host hands-on lab sessions, technology reviews, topical lectures, and plenty of social beer nights. Curious about graphs, want to expand your non-RDBMS skills? Join us!

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Neo4j GraphTour - Tel Aviv

Carlton Hotel

Registration at: https://neo4j.com/graphtour/ GraphTour Brings Neo4j to a City Near You Neo4j is hitting the road to bring a full day of content-rich sessions on how graph databases are revolutionising the modern enterprise. This one-day event will turn you into a graph expert — no matter your technical background or familiarity with graph technology. Meet our experts to hear first-hand about the advantages of Neo4j’s native Graph Platform, which offers not just the Neo4j database, but also Analytics, Data Import and Transformation, Visualization, and Discovery capabilities. There’s a relationship-rich community waiting for you on the Neo4j GraphTour. Pick any of the cities below to find out more about this free event. Sessions in all locations will be in English with the possible exception of local customers. GraphClinics and Solution advice may be in local language. Find out more at: https://neo4j.com/graphtour/

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Tales of Graph Analytics with Neo4j

Simplex Offices

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