What's coming up in Neo4j 2.2? (with Neo4j's CEO, Emil Eifrem)

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The Neo4j engineering team have been hard at work on Neo4j 2.2 so we thought it's about time we shared what you can look forward to in this release.

We'll have 3 lightning talks followed by a Q&A:

Overview of Neo4j 2.2
Emil Eifrem, CEO at Neo Technology

Neo4j Browser Facelift
Alistair Jones, Developer at Neo Technology

Super fast batch loader
Mark Needham, Developer at Neo Technology

Mark will give a demo of the new batch loader which will ship with Neo4j in 2.2. The batch loader can be used to load massive initial data sets into Neo4j in next to no time.

We'll take an open data set and show how to do that.

PLEASE make sure you register on the Skillsmatter site (https://www.skillsmatter.com/meetups/6943-what-s-coming-up-in-neo4j-2-2) to make access to the venue quicker.

After the talks we'll make our way to The Slaughtered Lamb (http://goo.gl/maps/9g9Qo) to continue the conversation over a beer.