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What we’re about

We're here to help empower the everyday analyst in unraveling complex, connected data. Starting with a visualization-first approach, we drive key insights simply by modeling connections and traversing them through the graph. Graph data visualization is essential when it comes to navigating increasingly heterogenous and complex data. With no-code visualization strategies, we empower data-driven stories and help you do the same. Learn more by signing up for our FREE hands-on training sessions today!


At Kineviz, we believe complex problems call for artistic solutions.
Kineviz was founded in 2015 as a community, built on a foundation of technology and creativity. We are a team of scientists, computer engineers and artists working to connect humans with data and provide the visualization of complex data to gain insights for better outcomes. From the start, we’ve remained revenue-funded while supporting world-class businesses, agencies, and nonprofits.