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In our last experience we found this step climbing at Maulali the best way to simulate the actual climb to EBC and it does have a good effect on the legs, last trips after trying 4/5 times we had 2 days of sore leg muslces

All participants going to Everest Base Camp are required to attend this event Compulsorily without fail, People not attending this trips will not be allowed on the EBC trek, we dont have much time and will need to work out intensively, We will also have some breifing on the current status and preparations for the trek

we will climb the steps 6 times up and down total 3 Hours ( 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM) of practice at Moula Ali (A.S) Dargah, and also at the adjacent mount hill "Bargah -e Fatima Zahra (AS)"

Please get your backpacks with 10 KGs, u can also fill it with Mud / stones at moula ali
Wear Full track pants and T-shirts( half sleeve or full sleeve) (no nickers or sleeveless / sando t-shirts /jeans allowed)
Wear sport shoes only
sun cap
water bottles - 2
get fruits/juices/energy bar / something to munch on after and during the trek
have a light breakfast, milk/honey/apple/orange
get your camera if u want to take snaps

First Timers come without heavy backpacks and climb as per your capacity, don't overdo it, remember you have to go to office on monday

Please be aware its a Heritage Site and sacred to some people, No littering on the hill, No noises

When you reach the top and If you want to go into the dargah, please remove your footwear before entering the dargah

not all places inside the dargarh are open to everyone, please ask if in doubt,

females will need to cover their heads with a churni/dupata/ over their head before going in the dargah

WikiMapia Map ([masked]&lon=[masked]&z=18&l=0&m=a&v=2)

How to reach: from Tarnaka X road take a left from the petrol pump if coming from secunderabd, take a right from below the bridge if coming from habsiguda, and go straight if coming from Osmania University, pass 2 bridges and when you reach the Kaman, keep left and go straight until you reach the foothill