Price: $60.00 /per person

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Get ready to experience one of the most thrilling treks in Sahyadris DHAK BAHIRI hills

This meetup is only for good climbers. Add yourself to waiting list and answer RSVP questions, you will be notified when the team is selected.

Difficulty level : High

Cost : 3000 Rs

The cave of Bahiri :
An important part of this thrilling trek is the cave, which is situated on the other side of fort, and the way goes through dense vegetation. Walking for few minutes’ leads to a diversion and the way to right directs to a cliff called the cliff of "Kalakrai”. The narrow ridge between the cliff and the mountain descends to a narrow straight path where we come across two caves. One should proceed from here by taking support of the rocks and should be quite careful. Ascending the rock patch where a bamboo and a rope are used to climb to the caves.

The caves as such are sacred as the Lord of Bahiri resides here. From the caves, we can have a glance of the terrifying beauty of peaks of Sahyadri. We can also see the beautiful twins forts of Rajmachi, Shrivardhan and Manranjan. Here one can use the cooking vessels kept in the water in the cave. They should be kept back by cleaning after using them. A legend says that one who tries to steals the vessels, perishes.


Prior experience in trekking is a must. Members with recent or regular 'no shows' will not be selected. Selection depends solely upon the event organizer's discretion.

Important Instructions:
1) No smoking and no alcohol

2) No littering, no pollution of water

3) This is a challenging and difficult trek. This trek is for people who have at least some experience in climbing hills, have done out-station treks and are physically fit.

4) Get your own food

5) Pack light weight < less then 12 KG - including 4 L water

6) We carry Basic First Aid and if you need anything you can ask the organizers

7) If you feel unwell bring to the notice of the organizers immediately.

8) Do not take unnecessary risks and always follow the organizers' directions


Friday - Train from Hyderabd to Karjat (8.00pm)

Saturday- Reach Karjat and leave for Sandishi

Sunday - Start back from Karjat to Hyderabad on April 1

Detailed itenary will be updated soon

Cost : 3000 Rs. Anything extra will be shared at the end of trek. Accordingly, any excess amount left will be refunded back equally.

Netbanking Neft / NO CASH DEPOSITS
Great Hyderabad Adventure Club
A/c no:912010045737832
IFCS Code:UTIB0001379
Road no:2, Banjarahills Branch
Its a Savings account.

Credit Card

Things to Bring
1) Big Smile :)

2) Rough and tough and comfortable cargoes - no jeans.

3) 1 Full sleeved T-shirt - ( please avoid bright coloured, army camouflages, and shiny clothes) [Do not carry extra clothing except a pair of spare undergarments and socks)

4) Mosquito cream

5) Own basic first aid kit

6) Sun hat which would cover neck and ears/ Sunscreen

7) Trekking shoes

8)Sleeping Bag

9) Torch / Flashlight /headlight with spare batteries (must)

10) Small knife, Match box, Chilli powder, and a lighter

11) Water bottles - 4 Litres

12) Toilet paper / wet tissues

13) 1 biodegradable plastic bag (medium size) to carry waste

14)Safety Pins, Rubber bands, thread and needle, compass.

15) Photo Id ( passport, Employee/College Id, Pan card/Election Card/ Driving License) with a xerox copy (must)

16) (Very imp) A waterproof rucksack / haversack, in other words a bag u can put all your stuff in and hang on ur back, try to keep the bag less around 10 kgs

17) 2 Labled emergency Notes with your name and address, phone numbers, emergency contact name and number, Blood Group, doctors name and number, with information on any medicines you take, specially asthma patients, and any allergies you have with food or medicines, keep 1 in pocket and 1 in bag. Get your regular medication.

Additionally, all the participant will have to share in the following responsibilities:

1)Carrying of Tents/Ropes 2) Guard Duty at night in turns