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Geohashing ( is an adventure, comprising journeys to random places within a given area. Every day, effectivelyrandom locations ( are generated by analgorithm ( that achieves randomness using stock market data. It is a Spontaneous Adventure Generator. A set of coordinates is generated for each 1°×1° latitude/longitude zone (known as graticule ( in the world. The coordinates can lie anywhere in the graticule — in the forest, in a city, on a mountain, or evenin the middle of a lake (! Everyone in a given region gets the same set of coordinates relative to their graticule.

Aim : To reach a given coordinate by any means possible.

The coordinate we will calculate at the meetup point on the same day.


5.30 am : meet at the decided place as per the location of people coming. Calculate the coordinates and start the expedition to the unknown.

Rest all is unknown adventure.

Important points :

This is not a trek or any particular adventure activity but can be a combination of everything or none at all. All depends on our luck.

The end point will be within 60 kms of radius of the city ( at max 100 kms from your place).

Try to get a two wheeler only, as they have more reachability.

Wear anything you are comfortable in. Keep in mind we might have to enter into villages, climb houses/trees, swim in a pond lake, trek on top of a hill or nothing at all. Be prepared for everything and anything.

You can get some snacks to munch, get 2-3 litres of water as it will be hot. Breakfast we can have anywhere nearby depending upon the situation.

The end time is not fixed but mostly it should get over by lunch, and if you can leave any time in between if you want.

We carry Basic First Aid and if you need anything you can ask the organizers

Organizer’s word is final.

No smoking and no alcohol

No littering, no pollution of water

Please do not grumble.
You can also pay through credit card:

This is the first time we are trying to introduce this to GHAC, so please cooperate with the organizer and get set for an adventurous day.

GHAC Donation : Rs 50

Note: Most of us may not be serious trekkers but all of us have equal responsibility in protecting our beloved earth. GHAC earnestly requests all its members to be socially responsible whilst the treks and avoid any littering, shouting when in wild or causing anything that would disturb the normal ecology. Try to avoid plastics as much as possible, especially plastic smiles.

Contact :

Mohit - 9703840175 ( Primary Contact )

Rakesh - 8008111776 (SMS, if cal not answered)