Past Meetup

Contribute as an author and Photographer to GHAC blog

This Meetup is past


We invite original posts about adventure, outdoors, green travel and nature. Here are the submission guidelines

All accepted posts will appear on GHAC blog (

• The post should be 100% original and not published anywhere else earlier including your blog.

• The pictures should have been taken by the author/photographer, pictures taken from internet are not acceptable.

• We expect our contributors to proofread and spell check their posts before submitting them.

• Posts should be a minimum 350 words and a maximum 1500 words. The post should be in a word document, without any passwords etc.

• Any data/reference you give should be substantiated with a reliable source.

• The maximum size of picture should be 3 MB and not more than 800 px at the long edge.

• You can submit up to 15 pictures per post only in Jpg/jpeg format.Water marks are not needed as we give you full credit of your pictures, but if you are too keen on watermarks please put them in a corner in as unobtrusive manner as possible.

• By submitting a post to GHAC you concur that the post and pictures are your own and they have not been published anywhere else.

• All post must accompany with a short author bio, with a link back to your home page or Facebook/twitter/G+ profile. We will give you full credit for your work, but are unable to offer any compensation.

• GHAC reserves the right to select posts and will not respond to pitches that are not selected.

• Not publishing on GHAC blog is in no way a reflection on your submission.Any post with any kind of nudity/offensive content etc. will not be accepted.

• Any body submitting plagiarized content will never be given a second chance.

• Once your entry is recieved you will be confirmed

Please send your questions or submissions to prasad ( at the rate )


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